How can we assist you?

public relations/communications

SCN has a combined total of more than 50 years of experience in the public relations communications fields.  From brochures to digital publications, to broadcast communications, the network can provide a variety of services on a wide range of platforms.


Writing good copy is the foundation for good publications and public relations.  The company specializes in meeting tight deadlines and scheduling.


Excellent proofing/editing is a company specialty.  A grammatically correct document can make or break a document, which is why our company can meet the competition on any level.

website development

An excellent cadre of web developers stands ready to provide creative websites at competitive prices.

website editing

Whether you have a developed website or you are in the market for the development of a website, the company can assist you in meeting your needs for a quality interactive website.

magazine and newsletter production (online and traditional)

The company can assist you in developing a traditional or online magazine.  No reputable business should be without a digital publications presence.

speech writing

The social science and humanities fields are specialty speech writing areas of company associates.

book writing, editing, and publishing

 The company associates are ghostwriting experts in a number of areas, but especially in the personal historic genres

speakers bureau management

Several years of experience in providing expert speakers in a number of areas is a special company niche.